The future of the aviation industry is bright! However, the future of pilots is even brighter than in the aviation industry. How? It is simple! The aviation industry is expanding because the consumer base is increasing but the population of pilots is shrinking.

Consider the fact that 80% of current pilots will retire in this decade. Therefore, a person who will become a pilot now will be included in the remaining 20% who would be the senior-most pilots with a decade of experience. In this way, the aviation industry will grow but the pilots will reap the real benefits of this growth. If that is not enough, here are the top twenty reasons to become a private pilot or an airline pilot.


Top 20 Reasons to Become a Private Pilot or an Airline Pilot


1. The demand for Pilots is at Peak

The biggest reason to become a pilot is that the demand for pilots is at its peak because the aviation industry is expanding and the population of pilots is shrinking as explained above. Therefore, now is the best time to become a pilot. Moreover, the competition within the aviation industry is increasing and every airline wants to hire pilots of other airlines.


2. Pilots earn High Salary Packages

The second biggest reason to become a pilot is that the salary packages of pilots are very high. They are earning more than the doctors and engineers. It is happening because the aviation industry is very profitable and pilots are the foundation of the aviation industry. A doctor is the favorite child of the health industry. Similarly, a pilot is the favorite child of the aviation industry.


3. Pilots Enjoy Fun Lifestyle

The lifestyle of pilots is always filled with a lot of fun and enjoyment. They are the star of the show! Therefore, everything revolves around them when they are flying. Pilots lead the whole crew and therefore are the boss at the workplace. However, Pilots are trained to enjoy themselves so they can keep calm in tense situations. Therefore, they keep enjoying themselves while working!


4. Pilots have high Career Growth

The career growth of pilots is very high as compared to careers in other industries. Consider the above-mentioned fact that 80% of the current pilots will retire in the next decade. It means that the novice of today will become the top expert of tomorrow within a decade.


5. Pilots enjoy Better views than a Cubical Office Job

The usual 9 to 5 life revolves within the cubical of the office building. Therefore, those who are not pilots remain in their old boring office cubical all day and head back home without anything beautiful in mind. However, the pilots live their life to the fullest. They enjoy the best views of our planet every day at work.


6. Pilots live the Life of Adventure

The life of pilots is filled with adventures. Sometimes they are travelling to the Middle East and sometimes they are travelling to Europe. In this way, they live the real life of adventure. Imagine for a moment that your job is to adventure in different parts of the world. How cool is that!


7. Flying Improves you as a Person

One of the best reasons to become a pilot is that flying improves you as a person. A pilot is the leader of the whole crew and the airplane. Therefore, they check everything and think about every possibility in the air. Furthermore, they ultimately manage the airplane with the help of the crew. All of this helps them to improve as a person.


8. Pilots live the life of Thrill

The thrill is the essential component of the lives of pilots. What is the start of the day for a normal 9 to 5 person? They pick files. However, a pilot starts the day by picking a plane up in the air for flying along with hundreds of people. Thereafter, at the end of the day, a normal person parks the files in drawers. However, a pilot parks his plane in the hanger. Just imagine the thrill between the start and end!


9. Pilots Travel the World

Traveling the world is one of the biggest wishes of many people. However, it takes a lot of resources in terms of money, time, and effort. However, pilots get paid to travel the world! On top of that, they do not have to arrange their visas and everything to travel. Their airline does everything for them!


10. Pilots Meet New People

Pilots do not only travel the world at others’ expense but also meet new and different people. First, they meet new people on the airplane. Second, they meet new people at their destinations. They meet new people at the expense of their airline that book their rooms and other things at their destination.


11. Pilots enjoy Travel Discounts for friends and Family

Travelling can be the passion of anyone. However, traveling is expensive for everyone except pilots. This happens because pilots enjoy a ton of travel discounts. This discount is not only for them. Rather they get travel discounts for friends and family.


12. Pilots Enjoy Remarkable Perks and Benefits

The salary of the pilot is very high but do you know that pilots enjoy various other perks and benefits due to their job. These perks and benefits have a wide variety depending upon the career stage of the pilot. However, even at the starting, pilots get to pick and drop from the airport to home. Moreover, they get insurance and health facilities as well.


13. Pilots Experience New Cultures

The world is very vast and a person cannot feel how different cultures impact you unless a person experiences that culture. Luckily, pilots can enjoy different cultures while doing their job. Every travel destination is their chance to experience a different culture of the world.


14. Pilots Spend International Standard of Life

The quality of life matters! Therefore, the biggest reason to become a pilot is that they enjoy an international standard of life. It happens because they travel to the big cities and better places. In this way, they experience the international standards and gradually be a part of the international standard of living.


15. Pilots Enjoy Respect in Society

Have you ever seen a pilot that is not respected by others? Never! Pilots are an elite group of people and everyone respects them due to their skills, achievement, wisdom, and worth. Consider that every day a doctor might do one operation and therefore, he enjoys the trust of one person who put his life at stake. However, hundreds of people sit in an airplane by trusting a pilot.


16. Pilots Become Great Decision Makers

Decision-making is the key quality of Pilots. This quality might not be in you at the start. However, if you want to be a strong decision-maker, then become a pilot. Pilots are trained to take decisive steps in the most stressful situations. They have to remain calm even when there are lives at stake. So, decision-making training and ability is the bonus benefit of becoming a Pilot.


17. Pilots can Improve their Personality

Personality improvement can be the real motivation for becoming a pilot. Have you ever seen a pilot that has not to have an impressive personality? Indeed, you have not seen one! It happens because of two reasons. First, pilots remain in the elite group of people called pilots so they improve their personality by observing others. Second, they experience the world in a unique way that improves their personality.


18. Pilots Enjoy the Best treatment in Aviation Industry

One of the best reasons to become a Private or Airline Pilot is that pilots enjoy the best treatment in their industry. As explained earlier, doctors are the driving force of the health industry. Similarly, pilots are the driving force of the aviation industry. Therefore, they are admired and respected by the whole aviation industry.


19. Pilots follow their Passions

Have you ever seen a pilot that was forced to become a pilot? Indeed, you will never see it because the passion of becoming a pilot belongs to the matters of choices not the matters of crises. You can see the doctors and engineers who have to choose their careers out of pressure. However, mostly, pilots are the outcome of passion instead of pressure.


20. Pilots spend a Healthy Life

The last and biggest reason to become a pilot is that you will remain healthy for life. It happens because a healthy lifestyle is an incentive for the pilots. You do not have to fly unless your sleep is complete. Moreover, you have the right to refuse to fly the plane if you are not feeling well. Moreover, you will be provided with every facility to ensure that you remain fit for flying all the time. In this way, you will spend a healthy life.

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How to become a pilot?

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